About Us

We are on a mission here. Upon entering the front door, immediately to the right is signage that indubitably states “AUDIO YES…..VIDEO NO.” The YES is sloped upward to the sky, the NO is skewed downward to the swirling abyss below. So much for the subliminals. If you listen to MUSIC, are you more apt to read a book or get your news from somewhere other than a ticker tape. When you do watch the telly, do you mute the commercials? Do you frequently think or say; “If I only had more time!!!” To paraphrase a line in the film THE MATRIX (yes I see the Irony): “You feel something is wrong with the world, but you just can’t put your finger on it.” Well, we are here for you with lots of audio and gear. So call it a mission, a vocation, a labour of obsessive love this music? Yes.  All within the concept of that ZEN moment we hope to give to you.